Based on the in-depth interpretation of regulatory policies and a deep understanding of the pain points of platform content audit, through TrustDecision’s intelligent content risk control service, we can accurately filter a variety of violation risks related to politics, violence and terrorism, religion, pornography, vulgarity, juvenile pornography, spam advertising, infringing goods, banned goods and so on, to meet regulatory requirement needs of different vertical platforms, avoid violation risks and improve the health of the platform.
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With the growth opportunities brought by channel diversity and operation globalization, anti bribery & anti-corruption are also facing higher challenges;
Based on machine learning, knowledge graph and other technologies, combined with strategies, scientific scoring of expert models, and continuous risk monitoring, help you establish a strong overall approach to anti-bribery and anti-corruption.
Analysis based on data and behavior,do a root cause analysis of exceptions, driving better compliance behavior.
Timely and accurate risk assessment to reduce the risk of bribery and corruption;
Help our customers prevent, detect and remedy as soon as possible;
According to the statistics of the International Monetary Fund, the amount of illegal money laundering in the world is still growing every year. Anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing is of great significance to safeguard national financial interests and maintain the international financial order; Relying on machine learning technology as the core, it helps financial institutions to accurately carry out customer money laundering risk rating, suspicious transaction monitoring, and fraud organization identification, thereby improving the quality and efficiency of financial institutions' anti-money laundering business and reducing compliance costs.
Dig deep into the value of data, scientifically interpret transaction scenarios, and accurately describe suspicious money laundering behaviors
Multi-dimensional dynamic segmentation of customers’ risks, identifying money laundering activities effectively and reducing false alarms and missed cases
Improve the money laundering detection process, automate critical processes, and reduce labor costs
Active discovery technology relies on AI and knowledge graphs to enhance the ability of early warning, in-process monitoring, and post-event tracking
Some platforms may lack of policy understanding, lack of accumulation of features database, high review cost and wide coverage of violations, resulting in insufficient investment in sustainable operation. TrustDecision can provide intelligent content risk control services throughout the risk life cycle, support full content carriers, and accurately filter a variety of violation risks such as politics, violence and terrorism, pornography, vulgarity, violation and spam advertising, to meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Professional operation teams with fluent knowledge of compliance requirement
Machine learning model continuously trains the text, image, audio and video models and iteratively upgrades the algorithms according to client needs
Rich sample base and dynamic sample base update mechanism to identify deformation
In view of illegal transactions, such as publicity, infringement, prohibition, restriction, pornography, related political violence and terrorism, the platform faces the risks of being closed by the promotion channels, claims for infringement, fines by the payment networks, closure of payment channels, operation and rectification required by the government, and even APPs are blocked. On the basis of years of interpretation of regulatory policies and in combination with global risk compliance requirements, TrustDecision has constructed a merchant commodity compliance management product service system by using machine learning model and risk control decision-making platform
Professional compliance team with fluent knowledge of legal, compliance policy and standardized operation process
Professional algorithm engineer team, comprehensive detection model, with a wide range of
prevention and control
Mature sample labeling system, built-in massive samples, with strong ‘capacity expansion’ capability