Credit Risk

TrustDecision has been helping financial institutions worldwide to smoothly and speedily transition into the digital economy. We provide intelligent solutions for the entire digital credit lifecycle from acquisition, onboarding, underwriting, account management and scoring of borrowers' ability and willingness to pay. TrustDecision utilized big data, AI and deep machine learning to empower every decision with trusted intelligence.

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Credit Risk

TrustDecision helps institutions to evaluate the borrower’s credit needs and ability to repay based on the credit information, such as salary, bank statements, credit reports and blending with alternate data (social, telcos, utility bills, etc). Our solutions give the flexibility to iterate, expand, and scale on your business.

CreditDrive growth opportunities through improved decision support
CreditReduce the cost-to-serve ratio
Improve operational efficiency and data accuracy which in turn greatly increases the speed and agility of decision-making
Account Management

TrustDecision’s best-in-class solution improves the efficiency and quality in the entire loan-lifecycle process involves pre-loan approval, Loan performance monitoring and Delinquency management/recovery. By using our solution, financial institutions can centralise, standardise and optimise entire loan and treasury process , resulting in high-quality business operations frameworks and increase overall speed to market.

CreditrMake accurate decision faster
fraudReal-time monitoring
CreditPush the boundaries of what is possible with advanced data and decision-making capabilities
Scoring Service
Consumer Credit Scoring ——“Personal loan;Credit card issuer;Mortgage”

TrustDecision assists financial institutions in the field of approving and managing related credit risks by models and techniques which enabled by big data techniques and consumer behavioural analytics.

MSME credit Scoring ——“Micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises”

TrustDecision defines different criteria include an enterprise’s assets, number of employees, sales turnover, and industry sector in different countries. Combined with our platform, we design a digital solution for this particular type.

CreditReduce costs through automation of keys tasks
CreditFaster approval with smarter decision
CreditRun lean and highly efficient operations through a scalable and centralised delivery model