Prevent Fraud and Approve Good Orders

Reduce fraud chargeback and false declines by up to 90%


Block Fraud Orders
Up to 90%

Fraudsters prefer attacking the weakly protected stores, resulting in huge losses, operating costs, and regulatory penalties


Reduce false declines
Up to 90%

If a good customer's order been falsely declined, nearly 1/4 of the users will choose to leave directly. This huge loss of reputation and conversion may always be ignored


Chargeback protection
Up to 100%

TrustDecision provides a fraud CB protection. Orders that meet the conditions will be fully guaranteed to keep your revenue stable

Why TrustTxn?

Insight into users' full life cycle data

Fraudsters often use seemingly normal identities to bypass surveillance and complete fraud activities. A single business point data has limited effect, and the comprehensive data of the whole life cycle will greatly improve the blocking accuracy.

Deep understandings of your business

While TrustDecision has rich experience in combating fraud and massive industry data analysis capabilities, our expert team will also closely communicate with you on personalized risk characteristics.

Machine learning model

TrustDecision's ML models utilize tremendous risk features and fraudster portraits for deep learning and are specially optimized for order creation, payment, refund, and other transaction processes, and all this is done within 400ms.
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