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Credit Risk
TrustDecision has been helping financial institutions worldwide to smoothly and speedily transition into the digital economy. We provide intelligent solutions for the entire digital credit lifecycle from acquisition, onboarding, underwriting, account management and scoring of borrowers' ability and willingness to pay. TrustDecision utilized big data, AI and deep machine learning to empower every decision with trusted intelligence
Account Management
Scoring Service
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TrustDecision provides intelligent solutions for the whole life cycle, combined with massive sample data and global user persona of multiple identity elements, TrustDecision can provide real-time risk decision-making and offline risk mining to effectively identify various business risks in multi scenarios such as registration, login, marketing and payment
Identity Fraud
Promotion Abuse Fraud
Transaction & Payment Fraud
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Based on the in-depth interpretation of regulatory policies and a deep understanding of the pain points of platform content audit, through TrustDecision’s intelligent content risk control service, we can accurately filter a variety of violation risks related to politics, violence and terrorism, religion, pornography, vulgarity, juvenile pornography, spam advertising, infringing goods, banned goods and so on, to meet regulatory requirement needs of different vertical platforms, avoid violation risks and improve the health of the platform
Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption
Anti-money laundry and Counter terrorism financing
Illegal Content
Infringement and Counterfeit
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