Building Trust and Security with Application Fraud Detection

Screen through applicants easily using advanced analytics and real-time data integration while keeping regulatory compliance in check.

We Understand Your Challenges

Limited Data Sources

A limited set of data sources can result in an incomplete view, especially with the rise of digital lending platforms these days

Manual Review Processes

Time-consuming and labor-intensive, which can lead to delays in approving legitimate applications and increased operational costs

Over-Reliance on Static Rules

Static rules and thresholds allow fraudsters to adapt to these rules easily, making them less effective over time

Inadequate Identity Verification

Fraudsters use stolen or fake identities, plus facial spoofing or deepfake to bypass weak eKYC capabilities

Inadequate Cross-Channel Analysis

Data checks of applicants across multiple channels are underutilized, making it easier for fraudsters to exploit vulnerabilities in the application process
Stay One Step Ahead and Achieve Precision

Advanced Analytics with Real-Time Data Integration

Utilise sophisticated data analytics, and incorporate real-time data sources such as KYC++ and Device Fingerprint to analyze a wide range of applicant data which ensures fraud attempts are detected as they occur. Implement machine learning models and artificial intelligence algorithms to adapt and evolve with emerging fraud patterns

Reduce Operational Costs and False Positive

Develop customized risk models that consider industry-specific fraud risks and the unique characteristics of your applicant pool. Implement multi-dimensional defense strategy to identify fraud attempts that span across the user journey. This approach provides a holistic view of applicant behavior that streamlines operation and reduce operational costs associated with manual fraud checks.

Build Customers’ Trusts with Regulatory Compliance

Robust identity verification methods instill confidence in the authenticity of applicants, fostering trust among customers and partners. Incorporate compliance checks including AML and KYC rules to your application process with regulatory requirements.
A Peace of Mind, Really

Compliance Assurance

Maintain comprehensive and accessible privacy policies that outline data collection, storage, retention, and sharing practices related to device fingerprinting. We keep ourselves up to date with evolving privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data.

Use with Ease

Integrate our application fraud detection to your existing infrastructure through API / SDK.

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