Safeguard Your Marketing Investments and Prevent Promotion Abuse

Run an efficient marketing strategy with a promotional campaign that ensures authentic engagement, maximises ROI and protects your brand

We Understand Your Challenges

Coupon Fraud

Unauthorised use or duplication of coupons, leading to financial losses

Referral Fraud

Exploiting referral programs to claim rewards dishonestly

Account Takeovers

Gaining unauthorised access to accounts to misuse promotions

Fake Reviews

Posting fraudulent reviews to manipulate ratings and rankings

Bot Activity

Automated bots participate in promotions to gain unfair advantages
Keep Cheaters at Bay, Run Campaigns with Better ROI

Real-Time Monitoring and Rule-Based Detection

Continuous monitoring of all promotional-related activities and set alerts or actions based on predefined rules and parameters. Identify suspicious behaviors such as attempts of usage from multiple accounts through the same device or IP address. You also have the flexibility of fine-tuning it to fit your promotion strategies.

Behavioral Analytics with Machine Learning

We analyze all data including user behavior, their devices, transaction histories and promotion details. It identifies the frequency, time between referrals, location and device insights to make a co-relation within the data. The models are trained to produce real-time scoring, recognize anomalies and make them more effective in automation.

Preserve Marketing Budget

Promotion abuse can easily go unnoticed and be mistakenly seen as a successful marketing campaign in a short-term view but it affects the brand reputation and marketing ROI in the long run. We’re here to help you ensure that your promotions serve their intended purpose — rewarding your genuine and loyal customers.
A Peace of Mind, Really

Compliance Assurance

Maintain comprehensive and accessible privacy policies that outline data collection, storage, retention, and sharing practices related to device fingerprinting. We keep ourselves up to date with evolving privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data.

Use with Ease

Integrate our promotion abuse prevention technology to your existing infrastructure through API / SDK

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