Unlocking Smart Credit Solutions in This New Era

Embracing innovation that can transform credit risk assessment, streamline operations, and enhance decision-making processes

We Understand Your Challenges

Limited Scope

A narrow set of data (typically financial history) can create bias which impacts an applicant's creditworthiness

Lack of Adaptability

Struggle to adapt to evolving market dynamics, emerging trends of multiple platforms and changes in consumer behavior

Regulatory Hurdles

Compliance with stringent regulations like AML and KYC can be cumbersome, leading to delays and added operational costs
We Solve it through Advanced Credit Scoring with Alternative Data

Credit Scoring

It incorporates many data sources, including non-traditional and alternative data, to provide a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of an applicant's creditworthiness.

Feature Profiling

Analyze and understand the unique characteristics of each applicant. This personalized approach enables lenders to make more informed decisions tailored to the individual's financial profile.

High-Risk List

Cross-references applicant information against global databases of sanctioned individuals and entities. This ensures compliance with AML and KYC regulations, reducing regulatory risks.
Transform Lending with Smart Credit Algorithm

Enhanced Risk Assessment with Multi-Dimension Data Sources

You gain a comprehensive view of applicants' creditworthiness based on alternative data including their social profiles, the legitimacy of their contact information, credit application from non-traditional lending platforms, asset level, e-commerce purchasing behavior and more. These insights enable you to make more informed lending decisions, reducing the risk of defaults and late payments

Optimized Risk Management Across the Credit Lifecycle

An ongoing and proactive process of evaluation and prediction starting from the pre-loan, monitoring and collection phase. We provide credit risk scores based on extensive pre-application data. Then, reevaluate user credit ratings, enabling timely adjustments to loan terms to predict potential loan delinquency. We extend further to estimate early/late repayment and lost contact probabilities for overdue applicants

Competitive Edge and Customer Satisfaction

Embrace innovation and outperform the competition by offering faster, more accurate, and personalized lending services. Customers appreciate the efficiency and transparency of your lending process, leading to positive reviews, increased trust, and long-term relationships
The Effectiveness of Our Credit Decisioning

High precision

Accuracy of users’ credit risk and its characteristics using big data
KS ≥ 0.40

High stability

Rich scoring from multi-dimension data with an adaptable model
PSI ≤ 0.01

High Coverage

Covers data points of up to 95% of population in the region for credit analytics
A Peace of Mind, Really

Compliance Assurance

Maintain comprehensive and accessible privacy policies that outline data collection, storage, retention, and sharing practices related to device fingerprinting. We keep ourselves up to date with evolving privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data.

Use with Ease

Integrate our credit score to your existing infrastructure through API / SDK.
Get access to our user-friendly portal that gives you comprehensive yet digestible insights.

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