AI-Based Fraud Management Strategy for All Industries Across Entire Customer Journey

Easily approve genuine orders, prevent fraud, reduce false decline and avoid chargebacks. Accurately identify good customers and block out bad actors to protect your business

We Understand Your Challenges

Large transaction volume

Handling enormous volumes can increase the risk of missing fraudulent activity

Rapid transaction velocity

Quick fund transfers and instant payment system make it challenging to block transaction

Evolving fraud tactics

New tactics are sophisticated such as social engineering, identity theft and cyberattacks

False positives

Traditional rules and risk parameters can lead to incorrect flagged of legitimate transactions

Customer experience

Frequent security checks or declined transactions can frustrate genuine customers
Smart Analytics and Automation with Comprehensive Protection

Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence In Real-time

We collect and integrate data from various sources to perform in-depth analysis and detect unusual patterns. It runs on real-time surveillance and returns with results in less than 400ms. Set up automation based on risk score, view all the reasons behind it and many other insights to deep dive for manual reviews whenever needed.

Adaptive Machine Learning

Continuously evolve to recognize new and evolving fraud tactics and AML risks by learning from historical data and adapting in real time. It becomes more effective at identifying and mitigating threats over time. Having a global network of historical data within the ecosystem also gave us the confidence to be the expert in fraud prevention.

Customized, Industry-Specific Solutions

Understanding each industry through a decade of experience, our team of domain experts analyzes specific threats and operational nuances to design a defense strategy that aligns with every unique business needs. By fine-tuning these rules, we reduce false positives and ensure that our monitoring focuses on what matters most to you.
Risk Analytics of A Full Digital Commerce User Journey
A Peace of Mind, Really

Compliance Assurance

Maintain comprehensive and accessible privacy policies that outline data collection, storage, retention, and sharing practices related to device fingerprinting. We keep ourselves up to date with evolving privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data.

Use with Ease

Integrate our transaction monitoring or eKYC to your existing infrastructure through API / SDK

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