All-Rounded Proactive Defence with Identity Verification

Eliminate the risk of account takeover (ATO) by up to 90%, and reduce false declines while remaining a smooth experience for genuine customers

We Understand Your Challenges

User Experience / Security

Lengthy identity verification processes increase friction, while lax verification can lead to fraud

Regulatory Compliance

Complex regulatory environment with varying requirements across regions and industries

Fraud Detection

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attempts to bypass systems

False Positives

Overly strict processes can result in legitimate users being unable to complete onboarding

Data Privacy

Protecting from data breaches and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations
Our Solution to Protect Your Brand, Business and Customers

Block Fraud Before They Come Onboard

Conduct comprehensive background checks on email addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses and sanction checks to ascertain their legitimacy. Identify any irregular behavior, instances of account duplication, links to social profiles, or involvement in previous fraudulent activities. This process helps in preventing spam registrations, bot infiltrations, and the inclusion of non-genuine users.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) as A Continuous Shield

Lower the risk of unauthorized account takeover (ATO) by having continuous monitoring and triggering MFA such as CAPTCHA / SMS whenever abnormal behavior is detected. Allow the decision engine to be smarter for you each time it learns a new fraud pattern within the ecosystem

Reducing False Positives

False positives can be costly in terms of lost revenue and frustrated customers. Our solution employs advanced algorithms and machine learning to minimize false positives. Tap into our network of global connection graphs to ensure that legitimate users are not inconvenienced while maintaining high security.

Elevate Security with eKYC and Stay Compliant

Efficiently onboard and validate users with access to over 13,000 document types in 270 countries, and more than 130 languages with real-time biometric checks. Simplify the onboarding process while meeting global KYC / AML compliance requirements. Leverage advanced technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), liveness detection, and facial comparison to effectively thwart face spoofing attacks.
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A Peace of Mind, Really

Compliance Assurance

Maintain comprehensive and accessible privacy policies that outline data collection, storage, retention, and sharing practices related to device fingerprinting. We keep ourselves up to date with evolving privacy regulations including GDPR and CCPA to guarantee the safety and integrity of your data.

Use with Ease

Integrate our identity verification technology or eKYC to your existing infrastructure through API / SDK

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