Unique & Persistent Digital Device ID

Up to 99.9% accurate identification to establish a compliant, accurate, persistent and trusted device identity


Device identification accuracy 99.9%+

The minimum necessary compliance device information can generate accurate and persistent Device ID through the patent algorithm.


Risk recognition rate 99%+

The world's largest online fraud detection database, with more than 100 types of risk, accurately identifies various fraud tools and environmental risks.


Business Benefit Improvement 100%+

Accurately distinguish between trusted and suspicious traffic to effectively reduce fraud losses. Quickly build a user portrait system to improve user conversion, retention, and benefits.


By installing TrustDecision’s TrustDevice, all type of devices appearing in your business scenarios will be identified by a globally unique ID.
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GDPR/CCPA/PCI DSS/ISO 27701/ISO 9001 Compliant
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Why TrustDevice?

Multi-platform Convenient Access

Comprehensively covers Android, iOS, Web, H5, Mini Program, Harmony OS, and other device types. Excellent product architecture and simple access method ensure online use within 0.5 days.

Persistent and Trusted Services

More than 10 years of business experience and technical accumulation, continuous output of persistent and trusted device identity, accuracy over 99.9%.Coverage of global service nodes, and quarterly service availability over 99.9%.

Security and Compliance

Privacy, security, and performance maintain the highest standards in the world to ensure the security of your data. Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, ISO 27701, and ISO 9001.
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