Higher Approval Rate with Effective Risk Management

TrustGuard is an intelligence platform which provide end-to-end process control of risk management. With the goal to achieve higher approval rate with effective risk management,TrustGuard helps business to grow under adequate risk monitoring.


Reduce Over 80% Repetitive Works

It ensures that organizations get to modify and monitor all their workflows or strategies in one place. This reduces security vulnerabilities and decreases the number of repetitive works.


Crossing the Data “Gap”

Enterprises can capitalize their data and apply in the scenarios of loan serving and delinquency management further through TrustGuard.


Accuracy of Decision Improved Over 50%

TrustGuard provides an enterprise with the ability to make effective data-driven decisions through insights. All the processes and decisions are supervised.

Why TrustGuard?

Supported by Powerful Decision Engine

TrustGuard provides clients with the powerful decision engine for risk management to meet the goal of get going quickly and efficient collaboration.

Team with Global Experts

TrustDecision provides global and professional consulting services, including strategies and models. It helps institutions improve their risk control effectiveness and efficiency.

3D Data Manipulation

TrustDecision helps clients improve the efficiency of business digitisation in data asset management, promote data commercialisation, release data value, and accelerate digital transformation.
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