Accurately identify users with a frictionless experience

Reduce ATO by up to 90% and optimize your customers’ loyalty in a large scale


Block fraud accounts
Up to 99%

ATO, spam registration and other fraudulent activities will have a very negative impact on your business


Reduce false declines
Up to 99%

Each false decline will cause you to lose valuable customer, especially for the current situation where the cost of acquiring a new customer is expensive


Protect brand reputation
Up to 100%

When ATO and data leakage increases rapidly, customer trust will be extremely reduced, and even legal and regulatory issues will be brought about

Why TrustID?

TrustDecision’s tremendous Global Identity Network

Fraudsters often use seemingly normal identities to bypass surveillance and complete fraud activities. A single business point data has limited effect, but with the verification and association of massive global risk identity data, fraudsters will have nowhere to hide

One-stop identity verification process

By using different levels of verification types such as SMS, emails, and Captcha, the security of identities is effectively protected

Low Friction User Experience

MFA and KYC will only verify the authenticity of the identity of the user behind the account when necessary, ensuring low friction while preventing fraud.
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