Deliver the best promotion to valued customers

Accurately block fraud traffic, reduce promotion losses, and improve the marketing ROI


Block fraud traffics
Up to 99%

While fraudsters are attacking promotions, you can't ignore the normal but opportunistic customers' abuse when they find out about your vulnerability


Reduce false declines
Up to 99%

The promotion abuse can cause substantial damage to your brand image. When good customers can’t redeem coupons that are rightfully theirs, they might leave


Improve promotion ROI
Up to 100%

The high-rate fraud will raise your acquisition costs. This will greatly affect your business profits and profitabilityin many cases.

Why TrustPromo?

Insight into users' full life cycle data

Fraudsters often use seemingly normal identities to bypass surveillance and complete fraud activities. A single business point data has limited effect, and the comprehensive data of the whole life cycle will greatly improve the blocking accuracy.

Deep understandings of your business

While TrustDecision has rich experience in combating fraud and massive industry data analysis capabilities, our expert team will also closely communicate with you on personalized risk characteristics.

Decision engine based on the machine learning model

TrustDecision will return a clear decision result within 200ms. Based on massive risk characteristics, fraudsters portraits, and deep learning, ML models are optimized specifically for invitations, getting coupons, cash withdrawals etc.
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