Effective Credit Score for Optimal Credit Decisioning

Personal credit score based on big data is an effective supplement to traditional credit score.


High Precision with KS>=0.45

The results of TrustScore have been well received in many customer tests and practical use.The score is highly differentiated.More than 80% customer feedback KS>=0.35 .


High stability with PSI<=0.01

Rich data dimension, comprehensive coverage of each module;Differentiated models by products improve the adaptability and stability of models. After long-term internal testing and long-term use feedback from external customers, the scoring results are continuously effective and model PSI<=0.01.


Coverage Up to 95%

TrustDecision covers tens of billions of devices and hundreds of millions of users, covering more than 95% of credit customers in the target market. It covers a variety of business scenarios, including cash lending, consumer installment, credit cards, home mortgage loans and small business loans.

Why TrustScore?

Multi-dimension Data Sources

TrustScore constructs a credit scoring model based on the user base information, multi-platform information of credit application, user behavior preference, asset level, e-commerce consumption, credit history and other information inside and outside the TrustDecision. Rich data type is the effective guarantee of scoring effect.

Sustainable Risk Protection

TrustScore has good feedback effect in many customer tests and practical use, with high differentiation of score results, model KS>=0.35, high scoring stability, and modelPSI<=0.01.

Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms

TrustScore provides customers with accurate and reliable personal credit evaluation solutions based on cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, including XGBoost, LightGBM and other algorithms.
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