Merchandise Compliance Tool That Delivers Efficiency While You Expand Across The Borders

We Understand Your Challenges

Diverse Regulatory Frameworks

Navigating a complex web of laws and regulations from each country can be daunting and time-consuming.

Language and Cultural Barriers

Expanding to new markets often involves dealing with different languages and cultures, which can be challenging.

Variations in Product Standards

Each country has its own standards to meet. Companies need to adapt their product offerings to align with local regulation

Intellectual Property Concerns

Protecting intellectual property rights, trademarks, and patents is crucial when expanding internationally to avoid legal dispute

Resource Allocation

Allocating resources to monitoring compliance across borders requires specific personnel, technology, and legal expertise.
Future-Proof To Your Compliance Strategy

Comprehensive Compliance Checks

Tap into a vast global policy coverage, gather data from diverse sources, and utilize an open knowledge base that produces a comprehensive merchant risk report, leaving no aspect unchecked. Examine products and listings including text, images, and website/product URLs, and provide a holistic view of your merchandise’s adherence to local and international regulations.

Proactive Labelling Checks

Guiding you in taking preemptive steps to ensure that your products don’t violate any potential copyright infringement of other brands and products. Taking a step ahead empowers you to address compliance concerns before they escalate into issues.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Expert Oversight

Meticulously trained and fine-tuned algorithm model coupled with expert operational oversight to ensure highly accurate results. The expert scrutiny delivers unmatched accuracy and is continuously refined by experts to provide precise evaluations of your merchandise’s compliance status.
The capabilities and how our tool works
A glimpse of our data sources
> 12 Countries

Of Prohibited Sale Policies

New policies are updated weekly to the latest

Types of data source

Brand websites, design/artwork, social media, search engines, etc.
> 15 Million

Trademark Data

Updated weekly which covers North America, EU and others
> 20 Million

Patent Data

Updated weekly which covers 68 countries

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