TrustDecision and OpenFactor Host Landmark Financial Security Panel in Ghana

In a collaborative effort to tackle critical challenges in Ghana's financial sector, TrustDecision and OpenFactor Technology Group successfully hosted an impactful panel discussion focused on advancing financial security and innovation.

April 17, 2024

4 minutes

Yuqi Chen

In response to the growing challenges in Ghana’s financial sector, TrustDecision, in partnership with OpenFactor Technology Group, hosted a significant panel discussion in Ghana in April 17th, marking a key event in the region's financial landscape. The financial sector in Ghana has been facing increasing fraud attempts, a pressing need for sophisticated credit risk management, and an urgent demand for digital transformation—factors that collectively hinder economic growth and affect stakeholder trust.

The panel discussion, a first of its kind in Africa for TrustDecision, was held and led by TrustDecision’s MEA Regional Director Tariq Beg. He was joined by Aviraj Guha, Ademola Babalola, and Vasundhara Chatterjee from OpenFactor, who brought diverse perspectives to the table. This event provided a crucial platform for engaging directly with local financial leaders and exploring advanced technological solutions to build a safer and more secure financial ecosystem in Ghana.

The session highlighted TrustDecision’s innovative solutions tailored for the financial industry, such as KYC++, Application Fraud Detection, and Credit Data Insight. These tools are designed to enhance the security and operational efficiency of financial institutions, addressing the specific challenges that hinder the sector.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from representatives of major financial institutions, including ADB - Agricultural Development Bank Ghana, GT Bank, CalBank PLC, Ecobank Ghana PLC, and Access Bank (Ghana) Plc. Their insights and active involvement are pivotal in driving forward the agenda of financial security in the region.

TrustDecision and OpenFactor Technology Group extend their gratitude to all the participants for their contributions and lively discussions during the panel. These interactions are vital for shaping a robust framework for financial security in Ghana.

As we continue to tackle these significant challenges, stay tuned for more updates and insights from TrustDecision. Together, we are committed to enhancing financial security across Africa, ensuring a stable and prosperous economic environment for all.

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