TrustDecision and RapidCompute Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance Cybersecurity in the Cloud

TrustDecision and RapidCompute are joining forces to transform cloud security and fraud prevention. This strategic partnership leverages the strengths of both organizations to enhance cybersecurity measures and drive innovative cloud solutions.

March 13, 2024

3 minutes

Yuqi Chen

TrustDecision is excited to announce a strategic partnership with RapidCompute, aimed at redefining cybersecurity and advancing cloud service capabilities. As businesses face increasing complexities in the digital landscape, our collaboration will deliver robust security measures and innovative solutions to secure cloud services and prevent fraud.

A Step Into Globalization

RapidCompute, renowned for its extensive range of cloud service products, from standard cloud computing to advanced teleporting solutions, serves over 500 clients and has partnered with more than 30 prominent organizations globally. As a leader in fraud solutions, TrustDecision is thrilled to partner with RapidCompute, recognizing the strength and potential of combining our expertise. This partnership underscores our mutual commitment to excellence and marks a significant stride in our joint efforts toward globalization.

Our Shared Commitment

RapidCompute has distinguished itself as the first cloud service provider in Pakistan to achieve PCI-DSS 4.0 certification. Together with TrustDecision’s comprehensive suite of anti-fraud solutions, including KYC++, Device Fingerprinting, Identity Verification, and Fraud Management, our partnership is poised to significantly bolster risk management and enhance cloud security across Pakistan.

Our collaboration is dedicated to delivering unparalleled operational efficiency, fortified security, and pioneering innovations. We aim to not only advance our services but also to set new benchmarks in data protection and regulatory compliance. Through this partnership, TrustDecision and RapidCompute are committed to driving innovation that creates shared value for our clients and the broader industry.

Together, we are forging a future that promises greater security, efficiency, and innovation in the cloud.

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